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Nature, People & Business in Harmonious Development

You have or plan a sustainable business in Portugal and look for a local German expert with knowledge in the regional habits and in the same time bringing forward the needs of your project?

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Let me build the bridge to find the best partners and develop mutual project-perspectives for your energetically balanced business success!

My experience and contacts concentrate on the fields of

  • Sustainable Ethic Tourism
  • Health & Wellbeing Related to Organic Lifestyle & Products in Respect of Harmonious Development
  • Property & investment in Azores/Portugal
  • Investment- & Property-Process with Holistic Approach

and will be of best support for your balanced business!

I love to Accompany Your Development by Focusing on Time & Space in Balance

  • for your Holistic Business
  • with your Motivated Team
  • and your Happy Clients
  • in your Growing Success
  • by Creating Your Business in Balance & Harmony!

I Invite You to Take my Offer to be Your Bridge-Builder!

I love to accompany you by focusing on time & space in balance

  • for your holistic business
  • with your motivated team
  • and your happy clients
  • by your growing success
  • and creating your business in balance & harmony!

I invite you to take my offer to be your bridge-builder!

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